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    Drones are an unmanned aircraft. The drone would fly up into the air and then capture footage that you are able to see on your mobile device. Some drones have 25 minutes air time some have an hour it varies on make and price. Most remote controls for drones have a stand to attach your table or mobile device to, This makes it easier for you to see and control the drone. The signal from the drones camera can be transmitted onto your device so you are able to see what the camera see's clearly on your mobile or tablet. The remote control allows you to direct the drone to where you wish to see. The cheaper drones can start at about £50 this would be from a 2 mega pixel camera with 25 minutes flight time. This would be a good drone for amateurs and people just starting up. The more expensive drones amount £1000-£2000 these come with 4k cameras and over an hours flight time. This would be better for a more experienced flyer.



    There are 6 different types of drones

    ·         ready to fly

    ·         camera drones

    ·         first person view drones

    ·         mini drones

    ·         racing drones

    ·         commercial drones


    Ready to fly drones can range anywhere between £35.00 for your basic one with a 2mp camera to over £1000 with 4k cameras. With the ready to fly drones they are all set up so you do not need to fiddle around with trying to set the camera up.


    Camera drones, Not all drones come with cameras as some are just used for fun. The most popular are the ones with cameras as this allows people to explore. The drones with camera sell a lot better than the ones without due to their main use being to take photos or recorded videos from a higher perspective. These can range from £50 to over £2000 for the high Tec ones.


    First person view drones, Many drones have camera on the bottom to see from a birds eye view. With the first person camera shows you what it would look like high up from your point of view. All drones can range from what megapixel camera they have from 2mp for the cheaper ones and up to 720HD photographs for the more expensive ones.


    Mini drones are very small, They are a lot cheaper than the bigger ones and the price varies between £15- £35. This is due to them only having a 2mp camera and a 50m remote control distance. They can still be effective, It would be a good idea for someone just starting out using them.


    Racing drones. There isn't many racing drones  out at the moment. The ones that are available are all crash friendly. Due to these specific ones being used to race they are more likely to be crashed into one another. These specific ones have forward tilting motors for efficient, high speed flight. They also have a longer range for the remote control than most drones and also longer air time. These can vary in price from £250 to £500+. As they are used to fight they are made of a lot strong material and will also last longer than others.


    Commercial drones, These can be a lot more pricey and can cost over £4000. This is due to them having live hd view, 4k video and a 16mp camera. These are clearly from some of the more experience drone drivers. The reason these are a lot more expensive is due to the high technology in them to make it easier for the person controlling it.


    There are a lot of laws to do with drones, The laws for the drones apply to the person who has the remote in their hand at the time and not the owner.

    The laws for flying drones are-


    • Make sure you can see your drone at all times and don't fly higher than 400 feet
    • Always keep your drone away from aircraft, helicopters, airports and airfields
    • Use your common sense and fly safely; you could be prosecuted if you don't.

    Drones fitted with cameras must not be flown:

    • within 50 metres of people, vehicles, buildings or structures
    • over congested areas or large gatherings such as concerts and sports events 


    I have been in contact with some different drone's suppliers they have all recommended to use . They supply people with the most popular and newest drones out. I have emailed them at to see how we would go about setting up an account with them. The website link you provided us with also use this supplier and they seem to be the supplier for a lot of company's abroad and in the Uk.

     The reason dji drones are the most popular is because they do such a wide range of them. They have lots to choses from depending on what it is you want. They have long flight time drones and short flit times. They have good and great camera. As the technology on them goes up so does the cost.

    Drones have become popular recently in the Uk and abroad due to the many different things they can do

    Here is a link to show how useful they can be in today market.     


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